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Safety. Accountability. Commitment


Ireland Trucking was founded in 1946 and is now considered one of the largest privately owned log hauling companies in the Pacific Northwest. With the help of four generations of family, we have perfected the industry and created a network that spans over 3 states.

With over 75 years of log hauling expertice, Ireland Trucking has the capability of meeting the demands of todays timber industry. By providing a various array of log hauling equipment, and over 100 state-of-the art log trucks, we have the strength to bring opportunity into today's market.

With Safety, efficiency, and accountability as our priority, Ireland Trucking will continue to lead the log hauling industry into the future.


Ireland Trucking continues to set the standard by bringing highly trained and professional drivers into the timber industry. With a mindset on safety, efficiency, and accountability, we have led the forefront with the most advanced training and technology to date.

Ireland Trucking delivers by providing:

Driver training for all drivers
Annual safety presentations
Monthly one-on-one safety meetings
In-house dispatching service
Weekly maintenance schedules
Highly trained and specialized mechanics
A full-time truck inspection mechanic
6-axle & 7-axle long loggers and mule trains

Ireland Trucking prides itself in a culture of safety, accountability, and commitment. The safety of our drivers, the accountability to our employees, and the commitment to our customers.